100% Hand Made

More than 10 years experience in Carbon BMX Racing Rims & Forks


Resin system is one of the most important factor which helps to avoid the heat failure on the brake track, Our factory have spent a lot of money and time to develop our own resin system, it makes our carbon fiber BMX rims safely withstand more heat leads to braking performance.

We custom formulate high glass transition temperature (Tg) resins for use on our rim braked rims. The latest resins that we use show excellent measured performance at temperatures approaching 240° C (464° F).


MAX carbon BMX rims by Four Directions angled spoke drilling holes that follow the path of the spokes. It helps by pre-angling the spoke holes to align with a standard two or three-cross lace pattern. Why 4D Drilling?

  1. Greater Strength and Durability. By drilling spoke holes at an angle that follows the path of the spokes, the spoke nipple rests in a neutral position. When a spoke under tension is unimpeded from the rim to the hub ­angle there is no stored bending load that leads to a spring affect in a built wheels.
  2. High Performance. Wheels built with 4D drill rims offer precise tracking and greater stability with incredible durability, lively feel and a reduced chance of failure.


Around the spoke holes, each rim is reinforced with an extra carbon fiber rod. Its precise arrangement allows for the greater tension of the spokes, which results in a high rigidity of the rims.

The MAX BMX rim bead seat/sidewall interface is created for the tire bead based on the One piece smooth structure. This solution increases the strength and ability of the rim to withstand impact. Further, this design also ensures the stability of the rim sidewall under hard braking while delivering excellent strength-to-weight performance.


Having faster rolling wheels that are more comfortable and resistant to punctures should be something easy, safe and hassle-free. By combining our knowledge of wheels and tires, we were able to perfect the symbiotic relationship between the tire bead and the rim hook to offer a system that is not only fast on the BMX and easy to maintain… but also 100% reliable so you can focus on one thing – your ride.

Benefit of Tubeless Tech apply to Carbon BMX Racing Rim:

  1. Fast in line and quick through the turns
  2. Safe and easy to use
  3. Smoother ride and more puncture resistant


All of MAX carbon BMX rims, forks use a combination of T700 and T800 filaments from Toray in Japan, the world’s largest producer of carbon fibre. We also use filament from Mitsubishi Rayon, with the combination of Toray and Mitsubishi carbon fibre helping us to deliver the superior ride quality of every carbon products from MAX-Bike.

Factory do carbon fiber pre-preg in house, in that we have a clean weaving shed, turning bobbins of Toray filament into woven sheets, then impregnated with self-developed high temp resin on a second machine. This is high end carbon fiber rather than the cheaper method of buying in pre-woven materials from third parties.